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The Religious Social Action Coalition of Newfoundland and Labrador (RSACNL) calls upon all candidates for the Parliament of Canada to work toward greater economic fairness in Canada. More specifically, we seek to eliminate poverty in Canada. Despite various governmental and nongovernmental efforts in the past, poverty has persisted in Canada at an unacceptable level. A significant number of Canadians have none or low income, substandard housing and living conditions, lack of educational opportunities, inadequate health services, unhappy family life and many associated ills. These Canadians have been deprived of their dignity, which must be restored.

As faith communities and individuals we have put aside our different theologies and ideologies to work together on our shared moral outrage at the injustice of poverty in our midst today. We ask that you, if elected as MPs, work toward eliminating poverty in Canada.  We also ask you to work with various organizations including ours in achieving this goal. In addition to your role as lawmakers, it is important that you support the work of various nongovernmental organizations in identifying initiatives and activities directed at eliminating poverty in Canada and creating fairness in economic and social opportunities for all Canadians.

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If Elected:

  • I pledge to work toward eliminating poverty in my riding.

  • I  pledge to work towards a minimum wage that is a Living Wage.

  •  I  pledge to creating a Fairness Impact Study to ensure “fairness for all”.

  • I pledge to work with organizations in my riding to eliminate poverty.

  • I pledge to support other organizations in their initiatives and activities that are working toward creating economic fairness both within my riding and throughout Canada.

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