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RSAC Coordinator, Marion Pardy, celebrated her 80th birthday in May with a birthday luncheon at the Sheraton Hotel.  Muhammad Nazir, Secretary, attended and brought greetings to Marion and her guests on behalf of the RSAC.


NOTE: a similar letter was sent to Deputy Mayor, Sheilagh O’Leary, and elected Councilors for the 5 Wards and members-at-large.

Similar letters were sent to NL Liberal Members of Parliament: Joanne Thompson; Seamus O’Regan; Ken McDonald; Churence Rogers; Gudie Hutchings, with copy to Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

Make a Guaranteed Basic Income an Agenda Item for Candidates Seeking Election.


3 “Great Reads” re Guaranteed Basic Income (Livable):

1.  Segal, Hugh. Bookstraps Need Boots; One Tory’s Lonely Fight To End Poverty In Canada. UBC Press, Vancouver, 2019 (pb 2020).

2.  Forget, Evelyn.  Basic Income for Canadians; From The COVID-19 Emergency To Financial Security For All. pb. James Lorimer Co., Toronto, 2020

3.  Swift, Jamie; Power, Elaine.  The Case For Basic Income. pb. Between the Lines Press, Toronto, 2021.

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