VISION: RSAC is a voice of consciousness and moral persuasion in the NL society at large which aspires to be a catalyst for social change to achieve productive and dignified life for all members of the society where nobody is denied a decent standard of living, education, economic and social equity and quality of life. More specifically, RSAC is committed to working towards poverty elimination in our society.

Present Goals of the Coalition

While the Religious Social Action Coalition continues efforts to convince the our government to fulfill its promises to supply aid to impoverished countries, and to support efforts to build up aboriginal communities.

currently, our greatest effort is to establish a Fairness Commissioner. instated that This person would study government policies through the lens of a fairness prism to determine whether policies bring about a fair and equitable sharing of our resources that benefits all people and does not bring a disadvantage to the poor.

Currently Quebec has such a commissioner and the Coalition believes this can happen in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. It is our goal to convince the electorate and our politicians that this is a priority for all of us and of benefit to us all. With real political will, this can become a reality. 

The group has written letters to all Members of Parliament and Senators in order to make them aware of the actions of the Coalition in hope of their support and participation in our efforts.

The Coalition also strives to open up dialogue and raise awareness about the impact of poverty on our whole society. We ask questions in the public forum to get people thinking about the larger issues of poverty and its impact upon us all. Change happens when people communicate.

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