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Origins of the Coalition: 


The Religious Social Action Coalition of Newfoundland and Labrador is a nonpartisan group from a broad array of faiths (Anglican Church, United Church, Salvation Army, Pentecostal, Presbyterian Church, Roman Catholic Church, Baptist, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhs, Jain, Zhorashtrian, Buddhist) united in their commitment to call on society to eliminate poverty at home and abroad.

Goals of the Coalition:  

  • Advocate for socially responsible legislative policies that lead to reduction in the gap between well off and not so well off citizens and poverty elimination.

  • Advocate for the release of timely information on social statistics.

  • Establish biannual conversations between RSACNL, The Fairness Caucus, and the Premier to further the work of poverty elimination in the province.

  • Affirm Government’s leadership in assuring that there is a fair and equitable sharing of ALL resources among our citizens and a fair, basic standard of life and well-being for all citizens.

Key Messages:  

Key messagesKey messages are principles that are embedded in all communications produced and shared by the RSAC. They guide public discussion and help the RSAC engage stakeholders with diverse experiences and mandates.

  1. Poverty is a failure of community to achieve justice. If one person is poor, we are all poor. The RSAC advocates on behalf of all communities to eliminate poverty through the support and adoption of a living wage and a fairness prism.

  2. We have sufficient resources for all in our communities but we are not sharing them. Our goal is equity not equality. The fairness prism is a tool for justice in policy development and implementation. 

  3. A living wage allows people to live without stigma, to live with dignity. The minimum wage does not adequately support people and families. People who work full-time should not be living below the poverty line. A living wage is reasonable and achievable; it contributes to the economic and social strengths of our communities by improving productivity, ensuring healthy workers, and creating a culture of dignity, diversity and prosperity.

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