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Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ) is a Christian voice for social and environmental justice in Canadian public policy, focusing on poverty in Canada, ecological justice and refugee rights. The CPJ is hosting a town hall gathering at the Johnson Geo Centre, Signal Hill Road on Wednesday 25 September from 7:00 to 9:30 pm. The evening will focus on key policy issues and questions to ask candidates seeking election in the coming federal election.


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Our Vision

Citizens for Public Justice seeks human flourishing and the integrity of creation as our faithful response to God’s call for love and justice. We envision a world in which individuals, communities, societal institutions, and governments all contribute to and benefit from the common good.


Our Mission

Our mission is to promote public justice in Canada by shaping key public policy debates through research and analysis, publishing, and public dialogue. CPJ encourages citizens, leaders in society, and governments to support policies and practices which reflect God’s call for love, justice, and the flourishing of Creation.


Public Justice

We live in a country that provides us with immense opportunities. As citizens, we are called to participate in the public sphere and encourage our governments to adopt just policies. As Christians, we are called to live out our response to God’s call to love and justice. This response is at the heart of public justice.


Public justice is the political dimension of loving one’s neighbour, caring for creation, and achieving the common good. It is particularly the responsibility of government and citizens. It involves seeking out and implementing just policies that allow everyone to live in dignity and participate in society.


Shaping a Just Canada -Wednesday, September 25: 7:00 - 9:30 pm Johnson Geo Centre, St. John’s, NL Evening Agenda

An event presented by Citizens for Public Justice. Wednesday, September 25: 7:00 - 9:30 pm Johnson Geo Centre 175 Signal Hill Road St. John’s, NL

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